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Blue Crab Software is the product of

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The origin of Blue Crab Software starts in the late 1970s with the automation of two tropical fish stores in Lansing, Michigan.  Apple II computers were just coming out and the IBM PC was still unknown.  Soon Paul Barkley was selling computers, consulting, and writing software for a wide variety of clients. In the mid 1980s the business was relocated to the Washington, DC metro area and renamed.  As hardware and software improved, our client base expanded to include not for profits and Federal government clients in addition to companies in many industries.  During this time the focus was always on the client, rather than uncontrolled growth.  As a small business ourselves, we liked working with small to mid-size organizations, and offering cost efficient custom software solutions.  Our ability to understand the needs of our customers and to create cost effective automated information solutions was the cornerstone of our business. As the information technology business changed, we gradually began deploying more custom applications to the web as our clients took advantage of connectivity.  Today all our applications are web-based, whether for internal use, or whether public-facing.  The technology has changed over the last 40 years, but the principles of serving our clients have never changed.  Our clients are all across the country; where possible we use technology to communicate so we don’t waste time traveling to meetings.  We concentrate on building the right solutions as inexpensively as possible. To meet the needs of our many small clients, today we also build custom web applications, register domains, and host websites, offering an inexpensive one-stop solution.   We’re still small today, and still building high quality software with the emphasis on our clients’ needs.
OLD tech
Our tools may have changed a lot in the last 40 years, but we still treat our clients as individuals.  No longer chained to a desk, our clients appreciate our web-based applications that let them work anywhere they want.  We continue to build high quality custom software solutions using state of the art automation to keep our prices low.  It’s still about meeting the needs of our clients, and doing the job right!

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Predecessor Companies

Barkley & Associates The Barbican Company Reflexion Information Systems Triratna Design Armadillo Hosting

Growth and Change

We’ve changed names a few times as we’ve grown, and in 2011 we acquired several small web development and hosting businesses.  We chose a new name for our group of companies that reflects our Maryland heritage.  The staff at Blue Crab Software still produce high quality software using the latest tools, but now the company name is easier to say and spell! Click here to see information about our team.