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Why BCS?

CIO and Analysis Services

Blue Crab provides executive level

Information Technology analysis,

assessments, and decision making

Analyis and Decision


Paul Barkley has more than 40 years experience with organizations of all sizes.  The analysis process for creating a custom software application is very similar to the analysis process for BPR, information technology assessments, and overall CIO assessments, although the end products are different. “The most difficult position to fill is that of an analyst,” said Paul Barkley.  “It is impossible to tell in an employment interview whether they can actually interview people, study documentation, correctly assess the deficiencies, and equally importantly, create sound solutions that deliver value.  In short, there’s no way to tell whether they can think.” At Blue Crab, all analysis jobs are perfomed by one person, Paul Barkley.  While that limits the number of clients that we can handle at one time, it ensures that analysis and assessment projects are completed accurately and on time. There’s no substitute for experience and ability in this critical area.

Information Technology Assessments

Every few years it can be helpful to review how your organization handles information technology.  Do your automated systems support your workflow, or do they impede it?  Do your employees have the hardware and software tools they need to perform?  Blue Crab can give you an outside executive level assessment to confirm your current practices or suggest improvements.

Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR) 

Sometimes you have a critical workflow process that is partly supported by automation, but it doesn’t produce the results you want.  It’s time to look at the entire process, document how it works, identify the areas that aren’t working correctly, and create solutions.  Blue Crab can handle your BPR needs.

Chief Information Officer (CIO) Assessments

The executive team sometimes has difficulty understanding whether the CIO is delivering the proper information technology solutions, because decisions are often shrouded in jargon.  Blue Crab can assess your CIO, and either help explain why the CIO’s decisions are necessary and correct, or suggest improvements.  CIOs can benefit by having an independent review that corroborates the actions taken, and explains them to the executives and Board.  
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