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If you do genealogical research for clients, you need a website that tells your prospects about your special skills.  Let them know what your research specialities are, and how your skills can help them solve their research problems.  If they’re thinking of hiring you, they want to know something about you.  You can list your skills, of course, but with GEN PRO you can also tell them about some of your interesting cases and how you’ve helped families with problems just like theirs.   Your GEN PRO website is all about you! Blue Crab Software creates websites for people and organizations in all fields, but we have a special package for professional genealogists.  First, it’s blog oriented.  That means you can post articles about your work as you have time, and your work will be properly archived and sorted by topics for you.  You can freely mix text and images on your pages.  We get you started with your own design, using colors and fonts that you prefer, all put together in a professional design.  Begin with our collection of examples, and we’ll create the design that suits you, one that projects your own special brand and image. The first two examples at the left are deliberately similar, and they show how small shifts in color and different themed photographs can make a big difference.  Of course we have many choices when it comes to columns, colors, fonts, and layouts, but each website starts with a good quality photo of you!  We also have many suggestions for “working poses” at your favorite repository, or in your office. In addition to your research skills, you probably have a list of speaking topics.  GEN PRO lets you enter your topics, and they automatically appear in front of the event chair for societies that use our GEN SOC software!  YOUR data is connected to THEIR data!  We help put you and your topics in front of societies who would love to hear you speak!


Websites for Genealogy Professionals

Sample GEN PRO Websites  
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