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The Blue Crab Genealogy Software is customized for your society, with a look that’s all your own.  Based on our deep understanding of genealogical data as well as membership data, your custom website can be created in a few short weeks.  Using the public, members only, and the administrative parts of the website, your website has the following features that you can easily change as needed. About the society including history, location, hours, driving maps, photos Planned events, easily updated including up to the minute weather cancellations Previous events, including a photo gallery; add photo pages as you need them Library and holdings catalog, always up to date online as you add books Users can join your society online at any time, or renew their memberships using PayPal and a credit card An index to Family Group Sheets or other society data that you want to make available to members as a benefit Online access to newsletters, including all your back issues if you want. Publication sales and much more! More information and screen shots are coming soon!


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