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Life is easier when you only have one number to call for anything related to your website.  We can design and devlop your website, register your domain name, and host your website for you—we do everything so you always know who to contact.  Call Paul at 301-576-6447 now!  Your new website can be up and running in two weeks!
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If you own a business or you run an organization, you must have a website.  Today having a website is like having a telephone and business cards.  You customers and clients expect it.  They want to know something about you, and a website gives you a chance to show people what you can do for them.  Your image depends on your website. Blue Crab has been creating winning websites for more than 15 years, especially for clients in the Washington, DC and Baltimore areas, although we work with clients across the country as well. There are basically two kinds of websites.  The traditional static website is a fixed, tight design that looks great.  You give us your text and photos and our designers create a winning look for you.  If you need something changed in a year or two, we can easily do that for you. Dynamic websites rely on data.  They’re more loosely designed so that you can enter the information you want in an administrative page, and keep your web pages fresh and up to date at all times.  These kinds of websites are great for clients who frequently change their information, such as event driven organizations and those that sell products that frequently change. In addition to the design of your website, you also need a domain name, like, and your webpages need to be hosted at a professional facility that runs 24/7.  Our data center has redundant Internet connections, huge diesel generators for backup power, tightly controlled access, and is staffed constantly.  The hardware team keeps the computers running at all times.  Blue Crab can take care of everything related to your website, all in one place at an affordable price. We’ll register your domain name, design your pages, and host them.  One phone call is all it takes. Our process is simple.  We start with your needs.  We talk about what you want your website to do for you, sample websites that you like, and how you view your business, and from there we create a plan and design ideas.  You choose a design, or mix and match, and soon your new Blue Crab website is up and running! People often ask us what our “style” is.  We don’t have a style.  Why?  Because your website is not supposed to look like what we like, or what’s appropriate for our business, it’s supposed to look like what you like and need.  Click on the button below to see how different our websites can be, and then give us a call today at 301-576-6447 to discuss your needs.

Custom Websites and Hosting

Whether you need a small website or a

large website that you maintain yourself,

Blue Crab can create the perfect


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